Sunday, July 20, 2014

Fixing Up Your Restaurant’s Menu

Food as art has become even more exigent in the restaurant business , as it has become a way to sate customers’ and food critics’ appetites.
Now that the promise of great food is in place, all it takes for a popular restaurants is to have a graphic designer from Chicago revamp their menu – and stoke customer interest in what food to order.

Order! Order in the Menu!
A tempting menu rests on structuring the placement of food choices on the pages for easier picking. A check of several menus will clue you to placing appetizers in the first page, then set up the main courses in the middle section; the desserts and drinks go last. This way, your diners can choose some initial ballast before they take on the main dish. This also encourages them to try out dessert right after the meal.
You have Specials Tonight?
Every restaurant has certain signature dishes that are worth highlighting with high-definition photos. A proper layout for the specials will easily draw in your customers to them. Placement is usually assigned toward the upper right hand corner, if not the center of the page.

A menu with the proper structure and easy to read content is what you need to reel in prospective customers. Making sure the food is prepared well and tastes great will keep them coming back.

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