Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Graphic Design Trends for 2014

As a marketing concept, graphic design gives consumers a fresh and fun way of looking at a product or a service. This is why it is hardly a surprise that businesses exert a lot of effort in adopting it into their promotional models. Graphic design, however, differs from great graphic design; among the many components of the latter is its ability to deliver what the public expects. To that end, consider these projected trends from Shutterstock’s analyses of over 350 million downloaded images:

Flat design. Minimalist design is perceived to pick up this year, as referenced by the number of people who opted for clear lines and clean structures in the photos they downloaded from the library.
Filtered photos. Instagram has simplified – as well as revolutionized – the way of taking and editing photos. Shutterstock supposes that the popularity of photos edited with filters will build up this year.
Video. The use of video is also expected to rise steadily, especially with the emergence of new image-capture technologies. Themes are also expected to expand and to encompass most aspects of daily life.
To make better use of these trends, hiring a professional graphic designer is recommended. The skills and training of one can combine to harness the full rewards offered by the trends, while ensuring that your brand and message are communicated well.

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