Saturday, May 31, 2014

Take Advantage of Printing Services in Chicago for your Business Cards

Computers and the Internet have taken so much of daily life and put them up online; a few things, however, remain adamantly enforced in real time. Reading an actual book in one’s hand, for one. In the world of business, handing out business cards to potential clients is still a habit hard to break.

eople continue to take time to choose their cards; it is after all, a lifeline to financial and work opportunities. If you’re one of those who whip out business cards to get people to keep your name and number handy, you might as well check out these few tips on designing your own cards before you get printing services from Chicago firms, such as Controlled Color, Inc.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Menus: Tips on Chicago Graphic Design for your Restaurant Business

Food as art has become even more exigent in the restaurant business, lest the slow-to- catch- up get left behind by their competitors. More than ever, the aesthetics of food and the food business has assumed a premium as a way to keep customers and food critics alike surprised and gratified.

Now that the promise of great food are in place, how do acclaimed restaurants get customers to water at the mouth right before their meal? They hire an effective graphic designer from Chicago firms like Controlled Color, Inc. to design—or improve—on their menus.

Monday, May 26, 2014

The Art of Making Graphic Restaurant Menus

What is the secret to a great menu? If your restaurant caters to families or groups, having a menu with pictures is a must. A graphic restaurant menu needs to be designed with the customers and your brand in mind. Here are some features that such menus must have:
  • Logically-ordered and presented products
Choose a chronological series (from appetizers to desserts), or use order of importance (house specialties and best-sellers first), depending on your sales strategies.
  • Clearly readable labels and prices
Attach the distinguishable names and prices of the dish right beside, below, or above its photograph. For unpopular dishes or creative names, you can add a brief description of the main ingredients, cooking style, or other information (e.g. contains seafood or other allergens, vegan dish, gluten-free).
  • Professionally taken photographs
Make sure that the dishes look appetizing on the photos. You don’t have to include pictures of every product; you can highlight only your best-sellers and specialties since products with images tend to get picked more often.
  • A section for specialties, meal sets, or group packages
Recommend your best offerings and any meal sets. This will not only allow customers to decide and have their orders prepared quickly, but will also give your staff more time to attend to other customers.
  • Reflect your restaurant’s theme or location

Use your restaurant’s interiors or its location to create a cohesive menu template. Consult professional designing and printing services so that your menus can be produced with style and functionality.

Graphic Design Elements Pros Use Effectively

If you’re promoting your business, either by print or online, a good graphic design can take your marketing efforts to new heights. After all, people tend to remember visual aesthetics the most rather than sounds or other media. Agencies that provide effective graphic design in Chicago for ads and websites know this fact well, which is why they strive to expertly utilize the following graphic design elements.
First is color, which is something that most graphic designs have in common. It is quite usual for amateurs to use a mishmash of colors in their designs in the effort to make them flashy and eye-catching. Experienced graphic designers, however, know that the wrong use of colors can turn a design into an incoherent mess, so they very carefully employ color strategies to create mood and evoke emotions. The second element that pros know how to use well is space. This refers not only to how much space each word or image takes up in the overall design, but also how much “breathing space” there is to help viewers rest their eyes.
The last element is size, which is more straightforward. Large letters or images should be used sparingly and only to attract attention to certain areas of the design; whereas smaller words or pictures provide supplementary information, create balance, and perform other complementing roles.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Controlled Color Offers Banner Printing Services for Chicago Customers

Compared to traditional printing options, banner printing that uses either glossy or matte vinyl brings more durability as they are weatherproof and tear-resistant. The company uses eco-solvent inks to print the designs that could last up to one year for outdoor use, and two years for indoor purposes. Moreover, to ensure the stability of the banners, CCI tapes or hems them, and uses brass grommets to hang them nicely. They accept orders of different sizes, ranging from 2′ x 4 to 4′ x 10 measurements.

The banners also offer versatility, as they can be used by companies for outdoor marketing and advertising during trade shows. Communities, on the other hand, can also use them to promote their upcoming events like fairs and parades, which can be easily be seen by many. Meanwhile, families can also use them in their private affairs like birthday celebrations and anniversaries. Furthermore, shops and restaurants can also utilize them to showcase their products.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

We Offer Free Product Photos for New Chicago Graphic Design Clients

In our unending quest to provide topnotch commercial printing services, we are offering two product photos for all of our new customers for graphic design in Chicago, for free! This offer, which runs the whole month of May and is originally valued at over $200, is our way of showing our new clients the difference of our photography over other graphic design companies when it comes to overall quality.

Graphic design involves a lot of intricacies as it includes various kinds of marketing tools, solutions and collateral that all aim to improve a company’s profitability. Through the product photos we are giving out, new clients will be able to get a firsthand, up-close look at the quality they can expect from Controlled Color, Inc (CCI). Regardless of the type of marketing tool your company needs, we will get it done the right way.