Monday, May 26, 2014

The Art of Making Graphic Restaurant Menus

What is the secret to a great menu? If your restaurant caters to families or groups, having a menu with pictures is a must. A graphic restaurant menu needs to be designed with the customers and your brand in mind. Here are some features that such menus must have:
  • Logically-ordered and presented products
Choose a chronological series (from appetizers to desserts), or use order of importance (house specialties and best-sellers first), depending on your sales strategies.
  • Clearly readable labels and prices
Attach the distinguishable names and prices of the dish right beside, below, or above its photograph. For unpopular dishes or creative names, you can add a brief description of the main ingredients, cooking style, or other information (e.g. contains seafood or other allergens, vegan dish, gluten-free).
  • Professionally taken photographs
Make sure that the dishes look appetizing on the photos. You don’t have to include pictures of every product; you can highlight only your best-sellers and specialties since products with images tend to get picked more often.
  • A section for specialties, meal sets, or group packages
Recommend your best offerings and any meal sets. This will not only allow customers to decide and have their orders prepared quickly, but will also give your staff more time to attend to other customers.
  • Reflect your restaurant’s theme or location

Use your restaurant’s interiors or its location to create a cohesive menu template. Consult professional designing and printing services so that your menus can be produced with style and functionality.

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