Saturday, May 3, 2014

Controlled Color Offers Banner Printing Services for Chicago Customers

Compared to traditional printing options, banner printing that uses either glossy or matte vinyl brings more durability as they are weatherproof and tear-resistant. The company uses eco-solvent inks to print the designs that could last up to one year for outdoor use, and two years for indoor purposes. Moreover, to ensure the stability of the banners, CCI tapes or hems them, and uses brass grommets to hang them nicely. They accept orders of different sizes, ranging from 2′ x 4 to 4′ x 10 measurements.

The banners also offer versatility, as they can be used by companies for outdoor marketing and advertising during trade shows. Communities, on the other hand, can also use them to promote their upcoming events like fairs and parades, which can be easily be seen by many. Meanwhile, families can also use them in their private affairs like birthday celebrations and anniversaries. Furthermore, shops and restaurants can also utilize them to showcase their products.

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