Friday, March 28, 2014

No Better Time than Now for Affordable Postcard Printing in Chicago

In today’s highly competitive market, you need to ensure maximum visibility for your business. Aside from engaging prospective customers online, you also need to reach out to them through effective print marketing. To make that happen, you’ll need top-of-the-line Chicago printing services for quality flyers, business cards, and postcards that will get you noticed in three seconds or less.

“Improving Your Visibility in a Modern Market” is our slogan at Controlled Color, Inc., and we have all the tools and expertise necessary to deliver on our commitment. From clear and sharp product photography all the way to accurate color management and affordable printing, our graphic design team will work closely with you to create stunning marketing materials that are sure to capture the attention of your target audience.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Chicago Graphic Design Company Surpasses 2,000th Project Milestone

By 2012, the company made a vital decision to work with a team of search engine experts and make the move into Internet marketing, in order to supplement their existing services. Today, the company is implementing a new Internet marketing plan, which they expect will double their volume growth rate to 20%. They also plan on expanding this year to keep up with their growth targets.

Established by Doug Gaster, an experienced graphic designer in Chicago who has 25 years of experience in commercial printing, CCI specializes in effective graphic design for businesses that wish to improve the visibility of their respective brands, products, and services. They offer product and food photography and premedia, as well as the printing of flyers, postcards, and business cards.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Cashing in on Effective Graphic Design

In today's fast-paced world, businesses from various sectors are constantly looking for ways to effectively pitch their products to their respective target markets. Among the many tools business owners depend on, graphic design has been one of the most potent, as it offers a good number of benefits. If you are running a start-up and trying your best to build a solid foundation and create a lasting impact in the market, you might want to look into effective graphic design to get you over that hump.

Exceptional graphic design will make you grab the attention of prospective clients. Considering that people nowadays have a short attention span, eye-catching promotional materials will get them looking at your product and absorbing the message you are trying to convey. This will also create a ripple effect, as it will generate recall of your product—an essential element as far as spreading your message is concerned.

Even if your target customers don't buy your product at once when they see your poster or ad, you will still leave a mark on their minds, and there is a big chance they will remember and patronize you later on. Furthermore, outstanding graphic design will help you build your company's own image and identity, separating you from your competitors.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Centralizing Your Business’ Marketing Campaign

As technology continues to improve, the means for people to access and receive information also continue to improve. Previously, businesses relied on traditional marketing methods to make potential customers aware of their products or services.