Sunday, December 7, 2014

For Graphic Design in Chicago, Controlled Color, Inc. is the Way to Go

We want you to look good to your market. This is our most important goal at Controlled Color, Inc. (CCI), and we invest every ounce of our talents, resources, and skills to make it happen. While it’s true that you can get Chicago graphic design services from other firms, CCI’s distinct fusion of outstanding quality, service, and value has made our existing clients remain loyal to us for many years. What we offer is something that’s challenging to find today.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Use Printing Services in Chicago to Overhaul your Business Card Stock

The potential of losing a new client at that stage can be a serious matter for Chicagoan business operators. The city is known for its active financial district and highly-diversified business climate– and to miss out on both will carry grave consequences. To prevent that and make a good impression at the same time, you will need the help of printing services in Chicago like Controlled Color Inc. (CCI) to give your business cards a modern look.

Details to Remember When Replacing Business Cards

Business cards are still the best tools you can use to introduce yourself and your business; after all, they’re easy to remember and are easily portable. You’ll need to make sure, however, that your card is a cut above the rest, so here are what you should remember when designing a new one for your firm:

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Loco for Logos: Shell

Logos and logo designs are crucial elements in branding a product or a business; and the best ones can speak volumes about the company they represent in a matter of seconds. Shell’s logo, for example, is steeped in the petroleum giant’s history.

The century-old company best exemplifies the value of not forgetting its humble beginnings. Before getting into the petroleum business, Shell actually sold antiques and embellishments—specifically, seashells. In an effort to expose the brand to the Far East, a growing market for Western merchants during the company’s early years, its founder Marcus Samuel named all of his tankers after a certain seashell. Among these was his first tanker, the "Murex," named after a genus of sea snails with intricate shells.