Friday, December 5, 2014

Details to Remember When Replacing Business Cards

Business cards are still the best tools you can use to introduce yourself and your business; after all, they’re easy to remember and are easily portable. You’ll need to make sure, however, that your card is a cut above the rest, so here are what you should remember when designing a new one for your firm:


The devil really is in the details when you’re modernizing your card with updated information. As a rule of thumb, you should place your name, job position and contact details─ especially your email address─ in a prominent spot on the card’s front. Choose fonts that are easy to read.

The Back

Many business cards nowadays tend to put information at the back too. This is your opening to put in details of your business’ social media accounts (if any). As card stock goes, talk to your card provider on choosing a card stock that may be firm to the touch.


Firms that do business card and postcard printing in Chicago, like CCI, won’t just print out what you want en masse; they will also help you make an impression by adding unique graphics and full-color backing to your cards’ design. Make sure, though, that your details still stand out from that design, like having foil accents to the text.

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