Monday, May 26, 2014

Graphic Design Elements Pros Use Effectively

If you’re promoting your business, either by print or online, a good graphic design can take your marketing efforts to new heights. After all, people tend to remember visual aesthetics the most rather than sounds or other media. Agencies that provide effective graphic design in Chicago for ads and websites know this fact well, which is why they strive to expertly utilize the following graphic design elements.
First is color, which is something that most graphic designs have in common. It is quite usual for amateurs to use a mishmash of colors in their designs in the effort to make them flashy and eye-catching. Experienced graphic designers, however, know that the wrong use of colors can turn a design into an incoherent mess, so they very carefully employ color strategies to create mood and evoke emotions. The second element that pros know how to use well is space. This refers not only to how much space each word or image takes up in the overall design, but also how much “breathing space” there is to help viewers rest their eyes.
The last element is size, which is more straightforward. Large letters or images should be used sparingly and only to attract attention to certain areas of the design; whereas smaller words or pictures provide supplementary information, create balance, and perform other complementing roles.

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