Friday, June 27, 2014

Assembling an Effective Catalog

Catalogs are often a good way to showcase the products your business offers. You might have received some yourself, in the mail, from your favorite retail outlet. You can make a splash among your customers with a professionally designed catalog that highlights your most popular products. In having one done, note the following cardinal catalog rules:

Unified Branding
Some marketing experts claim that a store’s catalog should carry the same branding values behind the business. For example, if your store is mostly geared towards female customers, you must synchronize your business’ main colors and theme with the catalog design, requiring closer coordination between your graphic designer and your marketing people.

Enticing Content
A customer browsing a catalog will be interested in the details of a product, aside from its image. A good copywriter would know how to compose the product description in a tone and language that both educate and entice the customer.

Uncluttered Layout
While the goal of the catalog is to help the store sell as many of the items on the list as possible, be careful not to jam too many product images in one page. Limit the pictures to just a few items per page, but the image of the pricier product doesn’t have to take a larger space.
A well-designed catalog can advertise your business better. Effective messaging may help sell everything on the list.

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